Leanne Flower

“Kat has been a really big influence in Lauren’s life.  Lauren had a passion for singing but Kat taught her skills and really boosted her confidence.  Because of Kat, and her team at Aspire, Lauren has decided to pursue a career in Musical Theatre.  Thank you Aspire for bringing so much joy, inspiration and happiness to our household” – Leanne Flower

Karen Falvey

“Both of my girls have been involved with Aspire Arts Academy since it started.  If has given both of them the opportunity to learn new skills and most importantly has helped them grow in confidence. They have loved the performances they have taken part in, especially the wonderful Lion King last summer, and have made lasting friendships. I am constantly amazed at how
Kat and her wonderful teachers bring out such talent in our young people which is obviously there, and just needs the encouragement and coaching that Aspire does so well. ” – Karen Falvey

Josie Mansell Age 8

Why I love Aspire:
“I love Aspire because they include every student in an amazing way.  Even though I am not very confident about singing, acting and dancing Aspire makes me feel full of bravery.  I love all the atmosphere when I come to Aspire.  It is so much fun with all my friends I make.  I never thought Aspire would lead me into this amount of confidence at this age.  Aspire is for all ages and it’s brilliant – I love it!”
Josie Mansell Age 8

Elaina Falvey

“Aspire arts academy has provided me with many opportunists from the start. I have been given the opportunity to learn how to write and record songs, I have learnt fantastic new and different choreography with the dance teacher Lauren. In Drama I have been taught new techniques and have been given the opportunity to sing in a group performing to members of the public. Aspire has provided me with a new family and I love it very much!” – Elaina Falvey

Lauren Flower

“I participate in all all aspects of musical theatre with Aspire.  The dance teachers are professional and make the lessons really enjoyable.  I particularly love singing and acting and bringing all elements together to perform in mid year shows and end of year productions.  In 2016 we performed the Lion King.  Kat took us to London to have a lesson with theatre team and then watch the Lion King Theatre show.  This really brought our lessons to life and made us all really inspired and driven to put on a professional show.  I have enjoyed so many good times with some amazing like minded friends.  I would be lost without Aspire and recommend it to all ages interested in singing, drama, and/or dance .. You’ll love it!” – Lauren Flower