Kat Stephens

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Kat Stephens
Director Aspire Arts Academy, Vocal Coach, Drama Teacher
Musical Director – Songbirds

Kat Stephens has been singing, dancing and acting from a very tender age.  It has always been her passion, her focus and her dream. Kat has been teaching Singing & Drama at various locations throughout the UK for over a decade. She is a trained originally as a Speech Level Singing Teacher, has travelled internationally in the pursuit of voice education, and collaborates with Vocal Balance Teachers Julie Gossage & Richard Halton, BAST & John Henny. Kat is completely passionate about Aspire Arts Academy, which she founded in September 2014.  She truly believes that Performing Arts Education has so many benefits for young people and adults alike.  It is her mission to help people improve their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief through the medium of the dramatic arts. She is an inspiring and motivational individual, who encourages and coaches her pupils to be the very best “THEY” can be!

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