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Covid-19 Symptoms
If at any point your child or someone in your household is showing symptoms, you must advise Grace Taylor – Principle of Aspire – and isolate for guided time. *Compulsory updated student information & track and trace form is to be completed before class participation.

Food & Drink:
Please ensure all food and drink is clearly labeled and in your child’s bag.

Students are to only use the disabled toilets on the premises.

Masks can be worn on arrival and departure.

Arrival & Departure:
No parents or other visitors are to enter the premises. Strict drop off and pick up to be adhered to – by registration. There will be a five minute window in between classes to allow swift arrival and departures.
SRA – arrival and departure through the double doors of the SRA.

Nicholas Hawksmoor
Main Hall – Arrival & departure through the side door of the main hall at NHPS.
Dance Drama – Arrival & departure through the back door (onto the play ground) of the dance drama at NHPS.

Hygiene & Sanitizing:
In between classes please ensure you have either washed your hands thoroughly or sanitized your hands – same with entrance and departure. Sanitizers, wipes will be available in the studio for all students to have access to. *Any surfaces will be cleaned before and after each lesson with antibacterial spray (Entrance table).

Social Distancing:
Please ensure that at all times you are social distancing at a distance of 2 metres. We have provided rubber markings for you to use as a guideline – please do not move these unless advised to by your teacher.

Students & Groupings:
The timetable will be amended so that the students will remain in one room for all of their classes they are participating in. We ask that all parents/guardians do not enter the premises and pick up/drop off at specific areas. Students who are in vulnerable groups or have any underlying health conditions will be encouraged to continue with classes via Online, Zoom.

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